cyren_2132 (cyren_2132) wrote in daniel_kawalsky,

Not the only ones...

Come on, I know del_writes and myself aren't the only fans of Daniel and Kawalsky! In an attempt to keep this from looking like a dead community, have another pic:

If you're curious, this was the moment that my fascination with Daniel and Kawalsky began. I just love how Sam looks annoyed, Kawalsky looks very nonplussed about the whole thing, and Daniel just seems to be gaping at Kawalsky in awe and wonderment.

Oh, and as the info page will soon state, I'm also opening the community up for meta conversation regarding Daniel and/or Kawalsky as individual characters. So, if you just want to talk about an aspect of Daniel throughout the ten seasons without necessarily mentioning Kawalsky, go for it. If you want to talk about your ideas and theories for Kawalsky's life pre-SGC or what have you, that's fine, too.

I'm also trying to cook up some icon challenge ideas, so we'll just see how that goes. It is, of course, contingent on new members.
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